Wrongly Accused
October 25th, 2011 Posted by admin

"To accuse another of that which he did not do is to eat away at the marrow of his soul."  -  SNR

In our respective leadership roles, many of us have undoubtedly been wrongly accused about something we said or did, or about our intentions. This is especially true for politicians, as they are constantly under the public eye. Oftentimes these accusations rise from a lack of perfect information.

Accusations and allegations come and go, what’s important is how we, as leaders, respond to them. Some persons take a very aggressive stance and fight ‘fire with fire’. Others bury their head in the sand and hope the problem will go away. The best response is first to exercise emotional intelligence. Give yourself time to let your emotions normalize and use wisdom in your response. Be honest and as open as possible. Do not be judgmental or accusatory in your response. At all times be respectful.

In the same breath, treat your team members with the same respect. Most companies abide by the rule “The customer is always right”. That does not mean that your staff is wrong. Before you level accusations against them, seek to increase your own understanding of what happened and their viewpoint of the situation. Use the moment as an opportunity to coach your team member so he/she is better equipped to handle similar future situations.

How have you handled accusations or complaints leveled against you recently? How have you treated your team members in respect of complaints against them? Does your team feel they have your support?

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