Off Script
January 19th, 2012 Posted by srobinson

Far too often we see leaders, politicians in particular, go ‘off script’ and land themselves in what can only be described as an ‘unholy mess’. The question looms “When is it ok to go ‘off script’?” All advisors would probably shout in unison “never!” But history has shown us that the most beloved and revered of our leaders are those who have spoken from their heart … those who have connected with the people they are addressing.

As leaders, it is understood that we are always under the microscope … every word uttered and every action taken is thoroughly dissected and analyzed. With this in mind, leaders trod a careful path trying to maintain their principles while respecting the rights and freedom of others, and not offending anyone. Sounds almost impossible!

The best gift a leader can have is clarity. This includes understanding what you stand for and why. It also includes placing yourself in the shoes of the other side and trying to understand their perspective. It includes familiarizing yourself with the facts of any situation before commenting on it. With this conviction and understanding, with this preparation, one is less likely to make offensive or inaccurate statements.

To Your Unlimited Possibilities!

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