Complainers vs. Problem-solvers
February 28th, 2013 Posted by admin

“Everybody observes; few people think. Complainers only observe; Problem-solvers observe and think.” - SW

Most persons are able to easily identify what is not working in a situation. Often, these persons are only too happy to share the problems. Rarely, do we find persons who offer solutions to the problems. What kind of culture do we create in our teams and in our organization? When your team members come to you with issues, how do you respond? Do you ask them to present you with a possible solution to the problem? Or do you take the monkey from their back and place it squarely on yours? Are suggestion boxes in your organizations full of complaints? Or are they full of suggestions on what AND how you can do something better? Organizations and teams are a reflection of their leadership. They reflect what their leaders encourage and accept.

What does your team or organization reflect? A culture of observation or one of problem-solving? What have you done to create a culture of thinking and problem-solving in your team and in your organization?

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