Influence by Example
June 5th, 2012 Posted by admin
"A mountain may be moved, one stone at a time"  -  Chinese proverb

The expression "do as I say" is one that has been etched into our subconscious since childhood. Frequently, we observe children rebelling against the incongruency of being told to do one thing while they observe their leaders doing another. This behaviour is true of adults also. Most persons are influenced by what they observe leaders doing. The greatest change leaders in recorded history demonstrated in their own lives that which they strongly encouraged others to do. Nelson Mandela demonstrated forgiveness and reconciliation before and during his term as President of South Africa. Mahatma Gandhi demonstrated ethical fortitude and self restraint in his quest for independence and civil rights.

To lead a process of change, whether in business, politics, or personal life, there must be belief, passion, and the daily demonstration of change. People follow leaders they can trust. Have your actions today been consistent with those you have demanded of your team? If your team members were to follow you based solely on your actions, how would it impact their results?


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