Sharing Knowledge
March 20th, 2012 Posted by admin

"The only irreplaceable capital an organization possesses is the knowledge and ability of its people. The productivity of that capital depends on how effectively people share their competence with those who can use it." - Andrew Carnegie

An organization may have several star players but not a high performance team. One reason for this is the lack of knowledge-sharing within the organization. When star players or trained people share their knowledge, they take the team to a higher level. The consistent application of this knowledge by the team becomes the norm. The real benefit to the team and the organization is that even if one of the star or upskilled players eventually leaves, the team will continue to operate at the higher level which has become the norm.

There are several ways a leader can encourage knowledge-sharing. It may be done through mentoring or coaching relationships, through presentations in training or weekly meetings, or through job shadowing. How are you facilitating the sharing of knowledge among your team members? Based on its talent and knowledge, is your team operating at the highest level? What are your plans to raise the norm of your team's performance level?

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