The signature programme for those attaining to the highest levels of leadership. Learn how to become magnetic and attract top talent. This programme requires perseverance for those who want to be minted as extraordinary leaders – visionary, strategic, agile, innovative, nurturing, a cut above the rest.


  • Craft your personal leadership philosophy
  • Learn how to create a fulfilling and productive workplace environment
  • Develop critical and creative thinking skills
  • Understand the importance of and your role in people development
  • Understand what is required to move a team or organization from good to great


Anyone who has ever been described as “the greatest” at anything will tell you that it is only achieved by mastering the basics first. In this programme, you will take your first steps toward being a great leader. You will go on a journey of self-discovery.


  • Learn the basic tenets of leadership
  • Assess leadership styles
  • Understand the 5 levels of leadership
  • ‘Climbing the Leadership Ladder’ action plan


“If you don’t know where you are going, you will take any path and you will end up anywhere.” – SNR
This programme offers you clarity on the big picture and the path you should take to achieve it. What is the role of vision in success and leadership? How does one create a legacy? What are the components of sustainability?


  • Clarity about the vision and mission of your organization and your role in fulfilling them
  • Defined personal legacy and action plan
  • Learn behaviours to build trust
  • Understand the role of succession planning in leadership sustainability


If your desire is to move from ‘apprentice’ or ‘survivor’ status to ‘team builder’, this is the programme for you. On many teams there is one ‘star’ who shoulders the burden of carrying the team to victory. What if you could develop a team of high performers? How would that change your world? Find out in this amazing workshop.


  • Understand the anatomy of a team and how it best functions
  • Discover what drives your team members and how to tap into that energy
  • Improved relationship-building skills
  • Application of relevant leadership style to different situations


This is the process of maximizing the learning experience by enhancing the participant’s ability to recall new concepts and information learnt during training and supporting the new behaviours until they become habits and are applied consistently on-the-job. The achievement of your business and personal goals depends on how well learning is converted into new behavioural habits.

  • Coaching
  • Training Evaluation